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This Site is dedicated to:
 Those who are serving,
or have served Honorably,
 in OUR Armed Forces.

Your local news has published many stories lately, telling us all about the VA not doing it's job of providing adequate care and assistance to our Veterans.  Suicides amongst Active Duty Soldiers at an All Time High...with Veterans even higher, nearly 1 every hour as admitted to by the VA.
YOU can help today...

Our Veterans have given so much.
  Sometimes after serving,
  they need a little Assistance.

The GUESTBOOK contains requests directly from Veterans needing a Hand-Up.  YOU can contact them directly, and know that 100% of your money is helping a Veteran.

WE DO NOT SOLICIT FUNDS BY TELEPHONE OR MAIL.  If you have been called and asked for a donation.  They are breaking the law and do not have my permission.  You are being scammed by them.  REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

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